Services | Ocean Transport

Agenciamento de cargas


Ocean import is indicated for transport of big-volume products and goods, which, for this reason, are not worth shipping by air transport. This shipment mode also offers specific options for small and medium cargo by intermediation of fractioned cargos.


The CSS Log clients have the possibility to leave products and goods stored in warehouses, with guarantee that they will be safe, while being there.

The Stowing service allows the cargo to be conditioned in the best way in the containers.

With partnership and contracts with terminals situated strategically at the ports, CSS Log executes the services of:

  • Redex Terminal;
  • Storage of different materials, including refrigerated and cargos with exceeding dimensions;
  • Cross Docking Service;
  • Checkout;
  • Cargo consolidation;
  • Packaging;
  • Trimming and Palletization;
  • Cargo fractioning;
  • Withdrawals of the unit from the ship owner´s depot;
  • Container Stowing;
  • Delivery of the unit to the terminal;
  • Transshipment of Liquids to ISOTANKS or FLEXITANKS.


Based on route options, FCL is our best combination of transit time x cost for containers. FCL offers scheduling with full flexibility and high frequency of ships in different traffics.


Special service for cargos with exceeded or inadequate dimensions for the containers. For the more complex projects, we assign a dedicated team of specialists with experience and resources to fulfill your needs.


Cabotage is navigation between ports in the same country, which, if compared to the road and railroad transport, in terms of costs, cargo capacity and lower environmental impact, becomes a feasible alternative to compose the supply chain in different sectors.


Shipment of cargo, which comprehends substances able to cause damages to humans or to the environment, in case it enters in contact with any of them or both, such as liquid and gas combustibles.


Ocean export is the best option for shipment of big quantities of products and goods, which can be delivered in a longer period of time.

We offer different products in the maritime segment, contemplating different kinds of shipment consolidation equipment and services. We always assure that your cargo is delivered at the defined location within the determined period and at the best possible cost.

CSS Log  works with several maritime companies, obtaining the best agreements and alliances between the ship owners and always seeking space protection for the main ports around the world, and promoting high reliability in terms of the services provided below:

  • Project logistic management;
  • Cargo with differentiated dimensions and weight;
  • Complete supervision upon loading and discharge;
  • Feasibility study and risk management;
  • Route study;
  • Exclusive packaging and crates for export;
  • Complete end-to-end visibility (Door-to-Door);
  • Shipment of hazardous goods;
  • Shipment of Liquid Goods in ISOTANKS and FLEXITANKS, since rental or leasing of ISO or purchase and assembly of FLEXI.


Consolidation service at competitive prices. Due to our partnerships with other consolidators, we have the capacity to move your lower dimension cargo in any place in the world. LCL provides you with safe performance and lower cost of the supply chain.


Operations for contracting international freight and rental of one-way and round-trip ISO Tanks for export and import, we can also operate the following logistic services in partnership:

  • Transport to the loading plants;
  • Cabotage and Railroad Transport;
  • Intermodal Transport to Mercosur;
  • Rental of tanks for static storage.