Services | Air Transport



The advantages of air import are rapidity and speed, shortening the time between the purchase order and the arrival of the product. By air import, you and your company assure certainty to receive the goods on the desired date.


With a global network of air cargo centers and sub-centers, allied to the complementary road and railroad, freight or connection services, CSS Log offers prompt door-to-door delivery to any place in the world.


This service is supported by the specialization of our local teams, who apply their knowledge about the local conditions, in order to reduce the risks of delay.


This shipment mode is mostly used for shipment of small products or goods, as well as for urgency shipments. In some cases, air export can be required by the importers, motivated by the safety and the rapidity of the shipment.

Another advantage of the air over the ocean transport is the reduction of the cost of insurance, storage and packaging, in addition to being more feasible for sending samples, giveaways, unaccompanied baggage, spare parts and components, perishable goods, animals, among others.

CSS offers agility and rapidity in the shipments according to the clients’ specific needs.

  • International and National freight quotation;
  • Pick-up and delivery of goods (Door-to-Door);
  • Shipment booking;
  • Customer service (daily follow-up);
  • Shipment pre-notice and confirmation.